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Our budgie with his toys

I often mention on my pages how important toys for birds are, especially for parrots. Bird toys play an important role in keeping exotic birds healthy and happy. Birds in the wild play, exercise and condition their beaks with items they find in nature. Your pet bird needs toys to physically and mentally stimulate them, because of their intelligent and inquisitive minds. To prevent boredom, your birds toys should be rotated regularly.

Our Senegal and his toys

A note on safety, which is important to all of us. When your pet has access to any toy, please provide responsible supervision. Always observe your bird for a few minutes when you place a new toy in it's cage, before you leave it alone to play. Certain types of toys, depending on the activity level of your bird, should only be left in the cage under your supervision.

African Grey and toys

Try to choose the proper size toy and keep your bird's nails trimmed to help prevent mishaps. It is the owner's responsibility to check the condition of a toy. Any rope that becomes frayed should be removed or trimmed. Bird toys and cage accessories should be inspected regularly for wear and tear and replaced if they pose a hazard.

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