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African Senegal parrots are ideal pets and companions. It is the most popular of the Poicephalus family with its bright green and orange feathers, and wonderful personality.

My Senegal's name is Louie and he is the newest addition to our flock! I was not going to buy another bird, but I was in the pet store and saw him and I remembered that they had been raising some baby Senegal parrots and I had seen him with no feathers.

He and his sister were just little bald things with tiny quills all over them. Only bird lovers can appreciate and call baby birds cute. He certainly looked different now with bright green and orange feathers. I said to the pet store owner that I had heard they were both sold. He told me the owners returned him because he was too loud. I bought him on the spot!

I have never heard the noise that they said he made. He is one of my quieter birds, though he makes many interesting sounds and I think he will learn to talk.

He is a friendly, happy bird that likes to sit on your shoulder and nuzzle you or just be near you. He plays by himself when I am not there and loves his toys. He is a social bird that will go to anyone. He tumbles around and often rolls on his back playing with a foot toy.

Our Louie is one fine Senegal parrot and we are so happy someone did not like his "noise". He will spend many happy years with us.

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