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I have a senegal parrot which i adore and we are buying an african grey today,will the african grey mimic my senegal or will he still talk properly?

Hello Katy,

Thank you for your question and I also have a senegal parrot I adore. He is an excellent talker and a friendly, fun bird, that likes everyone. However, he and my wonderful african grey do not get along and I have to watch that they do not get into fights with each other. I have had them both in the same room together with my other birds, but they have never liked each other. Both my senegal and african grey are good talkers, but each has a different tone, so the grey will mimic the senegal to a point and vice versa. I hear them talking to each other all the time, almost competing, which is why I think they fight. They are always competing for my attention as well and they get mad when I talk to one more than the other.

That is something to consider but just spend a lot of time with your senegal parrot in getting him to adjust to the newcomer, so he does not feel left out and get resentful. When they are both out together, be careful to supervise them to make sure everyone is getting along.

They are two of my favorite birds and their intelligence constantly amazes me. They are also two of my most friendly birds. Both go to everyone in the family, but that is because I socialized them early. I think you will find that these two birds in your house will give you many happy years of entertainment and joy.

All the best,


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