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Welcome to my Indian Ringneck parakeet blog page. My name is Jill and I plan to post frequent tid-bits of information here. I hope you find them useful. Please keep in touch (you could bookmark this page, to get back here easily). If you have any questions or comments please contact us via our "Contact Us" page..

Please note that information on these pages is presented as I see it, from my experience. I am not an avian veterinarian nor avian behaviorist. I cannot be responsible for results you might experience. You should consult a licensed veterinarian for professional advice.

Here's a question from Lynne in Michigan to our ringneck parakeet blog:

Loved your IRN article. I'm in the process of considering putting my IRN in the bird room with my other birds, plumhead, cockatiels, quakers, african ringneck and hahn's macaw. She is currently in the family room caged with a male IRN. She bosses him alot and grabs his tail when she can catch him if she gets in the mood to do so. I bought her as an exbreeder and had her 4 years. She's never been tamed, but recently has chosen me as a mate I guess and lets me pet her and goes into sort of a trance.

I noticed your Luke finally got along with the birds in the bird room, but when she became fully flighted did that change? I'd love to move them in the bird room to make things easier, but from your experience would you think it's best not to bother?

Thanks for your time. I'm desperate for opinions here. Lynne

Hello Lynne, Thank you for writing me and I hope I can be of help. Luke was actually a female and as you have found, the female Indian Ringneck parakeets are usually more aggressive than the males. I was able to keep Luke in the bird room with the other birds, but when I let her out of her cage, I had to be sure the other birds were locked up. I do not trim my birds wings because I like them to have free flight, however, it can also make the bird more independent. This was the case with Luke and when she was out, if there was another bird loose, she would attack it. I asked my vet about this and she told me that female Indian ringneck parakeets are particulary territorial and do not like other birds. Luke especially disliked my female parrotlet, Christina, and she would fly up to the cage and they would try to battle it out through the bars. I finally had to remove Christina from the bird room while Luke was out getting her daily exercise.

Another thing I found interesting that you mentioned is she has chosen you as a mate. Luke chose my son and he could do no wrong in her eyes. She was always friendly towards me, unless my son walked in the room. Right away she would fly to him and throw her head back and make those cute clucking noises with her eyes dilating wildly in the trance-like state you mentioned. And as you probably know, birds for the most part are monogamous and once they choose you, I am afraid that poor boy in her cage with her will never make the grade compared to you. I might suggest you try to find him another mate and keep her in a cage by herself, if she continues to pull his tail.

To answer your question, I would say that you could put her in the bird room, but I would not let her have free flight when your other birds are out. My Luke did enjoy being in the bird room even when she was in her cage, because she liked to observe and hear the other birds. As you know, they are extremely smart birds, which can make them more challenging, but they are a joy to watch and many develop extensive vocabularies.

It sounds like you have a wonderful collection of birds and I appreciate your question. I hope I answered it to some extent. Your bird knowledge will inevitably benefit you, because you know your birds better than anyone. Please write me again if you have any other questions. I wish you and your birds all the best.


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