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Parrotlets are small birds that make up for that with big personalities. They can be devoted pets that become very fond of their owners, especially when purchased at a young age.

They are true parrots and have most of the characteristics of their larger cousins. Parrotlets are intelligent and some learn to talk, but their chirps are soft and non-irritating to the ear.

These little hookbills are active parrots that despite their size appreciate a larger cage so they can move around more. They have fun playing with their toys and will amuse you with their acrobatic abilities. They also enjoy a playstand and time out of their cage, but they must be taught to stay on it, because they will often try to climb down to look for you.

seven species of parrotlets, which includes Pacific or Celestial, Mexican, Guiana or green-rumped, spectacled, blue-winged, yellow-faced, and Sclater's parrotlets. The parrotlets most commonly kept as pets in the United States are the Pacific, the green rump and the spectacled. The picture on this page is a female Pacific parrotlet. They have a lot of energy for a small bird and often do not realize their size, thinking they are larger than they are. This can get them in trouble because they have no fear and will try to attack even the largest of birds. For this reason, they should be supervised if they are in the company of bigger birds.
If you want your bird to interact with everyone in your family, they must be continually socialized. They can become very tame and often will fly right to their owner. They will look forward to spending time with you, sitting on your shoulder or perhaps entertaining you by doing somersaults or other tricks. When first training them, it is recommended that you keep their wings clipped and if you have a fear of them escaping and flying away, you should continue to have regular wing clippings.

Feed your parrotlet a good quality small hookbill seed mix or cockatiel seed mix, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables and greens everyday. Even though they are small, they are very active and use a lot of energy, so they require a great deal of food. Supply a mineral block and a cuttlebone for calcium and always provide fresh water.

They are delightful little parrots that should be kept as a single bird to make the best pet. Male and female parrotlets can be distinguished by their colors, with males having some blue feathers on their heads, backs, rumps and wings. Both make fine pets and will certainly bring you years of joy, with their lifespan of more than twenty years.

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