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Rosella Parakeet

There are over one hundred species of parakeets and they are some of the most beautiful birds. A budgie is a parakeet, but not all parakeets are budgies. If your interest is budgies we have a separate page devoted to budgies: click here. The bird pictured here is an Eastern Rosella. I personally have never had the experience to own one. This bird was captured by a neighbor that has an aviary, as it flew in to eat some seed off the ground.


It probably was a pet, because I was told that it was happy to be in a cage again. Most domesticated birds do not find it easy to survive in the wild, as there are many predators such as hawks and crows and pet birds are not familiar with foraging for food. I have to say this is one lucky Rosella and I know this family loves birds and will give it a happy home.

There are many varieties of parakeets, with the budgie being the most commonly kept. One variety, the majestic looking Indian ringneck, is an interesting bird that I have owned and I have more details about them on their own web page.

The pretty Bourke's parakeet makes a nice pet due to it's gentle disposition and charming chirping sound. The Princess of Wales parakeet is also a nice bird to have in an aviary for it is also gentle, however, it does have a loud cry. Some species, including the Rosella, Pennants', Red-rumped, and Mulga parakeets are very beautiful, but are better suited to aviary life than being in a cage in the house, as they like to fly freely and do not become as tame as budgies unless they are handled freguently. Of course, this is usually the case with any parrot.

Many of these beautiful birds are endangered in the wild so it is always a joy to be able to see one and appreciate their beauty. I hope you can do so, even if it is just by visiting your local zoo, where you will be able to view them if they have aviaries. Birds are certainly a gift that even if you do not own one, just by looking at them, you can appreciate their splendor and you will hopefully go away with a feeling of awe and a smile in your heart.

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