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Pictures of the most popular bird

Do you have some parakeet pictures you'd like to share with us? Parakeets and budgies (budgerigars) are in the parrot family, of course, but because of their great popularity, it makes sense to dedicate a page to pictures of parakeets.

Please eMail your pictures to us.
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To start things off,'s a few of mine:


These are actually English budgies.

"Lucky", our Triton Cockatoo, pries open the side door of the budgie cage, and makes himself at home!  All bow down to "King Lucky"

Cocktoo and budgies

That's an American budgie (yellow/green) talking to the white English budgie, above right. The blue and the green budgies on the rope (right) are American.
American budgies are slightly smaller than English budgies.

If you like what you see in these parakeet pictures, please visit our Parakeet information page, and our Budgie information page.

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