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There are many species of lories and lorikeets. The reason for the difference in the name is due to the size of the their tail. Basically, lory describes short tailed birds in the Loridae family and lorikeet describes those with long tails. I have a Swainson's lorikeet, also known as a blue-mountain lorikeet. I have extensively researched lories and lorikeets in order to provide the best care for my lorikeet, but I am going to focus on my own bird. His name is Rory and he is a joy.


Lories are often given a bad reputation for being messy. I find them less messy than my birds that eats seeds and throw them all over. I have been fortunate that my Rory only messes his cage bottom. I have heard that some can mess the walls and floors. I can only tell you from my experience that he has not. He is inquistive, articulate and special in his ability to relate to me. He never makes a noise before I open my eyes in the morning and the last thing he says at night is "I love you", "night night", followed by a kissing sound. He also calls to our cat and tells our dog to stop barking. I think that says it all.


Rory with his toys

Lories and lorikeets are very special and you will adore them, but they do have some specific needs that must be provided. They do not eat seeds, like most birds. They need to have nectar as their primary diet. This is readily available from pet stores or online. It can be fed already mixed with water and served in liquid form or fed dry, as I do mine. My favorite is Roudybush.

To reiterate, these fantastic birds have intelligence. My lorikeet takes a bottle cap that I gave him to play with and dips it in his water and puts it in his food and makes his own mixture! They also enjoy fruit and some vegetables.


Provide them with a lot of toys as they are very energetic. Do not be alarmed if you find them on their back. My lorikeet sleeps on his side on the bottom of his cage and when he plays he loves to roll around. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my delightful Rory.

Rory the lorikeet rests

You may have experienced lories and lorikeets at a zoo and remembered how fascinating and beautiful they were when they flew to you to be fed out of the cup you held. Yes, they are every bit as great as that experience as a pet. I would recommend a lory or lorikeet to everyone. Second to my son, my Rory gives me a reason to smile everyday!

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