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Jardine's parrot

Jardine's parrots are in the Poicephalus family, which also includes the Senegal, Meyer's, red-bellied, brown-headed and Un-cape parrots.

Jardine's are amusing, inquisitive and affectionate birds. They are extremely intelligent and can become prolific talkers. They may have a few high-pitched calls, but they are not considered loud birds. They are wonderful whistlers.

Despite their common traits, each Poicephalus is unique. Give your bird a lot of attention from the beginning to make it feel comfortable and happy in your home. Have your Jardine's interact with everyone in the family to prevent it from becoming a one person bird. Jardine's parrots are sometimes known as Jardines parrots or Jardine parrots. Apostrophe "s" is correct.


As they mature, some birds go through a nippy stage. Jardine's might try to test their beak on you, but if you observe their body language you can usually tell when they do not want to be touched. With consistent handling, the nipping will usually pass in a few weeks, but may reappear seasonally on maturity. Teaching them to step-up is important for these birds.


Poicephalus parrots all love to play with their toys. Jardine's have a large beak and should be provided with wood toys to chew on to keep it in shape and to provide exercise. They enjoy most toys and spend much of their time playing. They like swings and you can often see them swinging vigorously in their cage, enjoying every minute of it! Many of these parrots like to sleep in a snuggle tent at night.

Care & Feeding

Most Jardine's and other poicephalus enjoy bathing and should be provided with fresh water at all times. Provide them with a good quality seed mix, which can be supplemented with pellets. In the wild, they eat many hard nuts, because they are able to crack them with their large beak, so nuts should be part of their diet. Some of their favorites include almonds in the shell and pinenuts. In addition, provide vegetables and fruits such as corn on the cob, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and grapes. Many also enjoy a millet spray.

These friendly, happy parrots can entertain themselves for hours independently. This makes them ideal for people who are working or not always home. Jardine's make delightful pets, bringing a smile to your face with their amusing antics and endearing ways.

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