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Conures are sweet, inquisitive, playful birds with beautiful deer-like eyes.

There are over 100 species of conures, but only a few are kept as pets. Some popular conures include the sun, jenday, mitred, dusky-headed, blue-crowned, white-eyed, golden-capped, peach-fronted, green-cheeked, maroon-bellied, slender-billed, the nanday and the larger Pantagonian conure.

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They can all make great pets and many learn to talk. Prospective owners must be aware that most conures do have a loud, harsh voice at times. The smaller conures, including the green-cheeked and maroon-bellied are known to be quieter, communicating mostly with soft whistles. All conures like to chew and they should be provided with wooden toys to amuse them and satisfy their chewing desire.

They like toys and like most birds, because of their high intelligence, they need toys to keep them busy. In the wild, birds have so much to concern themselves with, including finding a mate, raising young and surviving on a daily basis. In our homes they still have the basic instincts they had in the wild, but because they are safe and do not need to spend energy on many of the things wild birds have to worry about, they need to be occupied... toys, food, a favorite person.

Conures love to bathe and they like to dip their food in their water so it needs to be changed frequently. Food is not usually a problem for a conure, as they enjoy a wide variety of food. I find their favorites are fruits and vegetables, both fresh and dried. In addition they should be given a high quality seed mix which can be supplemented with pellets.

These delightful birds can provide you with many years of devoted companionship and laughter.

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