Could A 'Too
Be Just Right For You?

Cockatoos are beautiful birds in so many ways. They are affectionate, charming and full of personality. They are highly sensitive parrots, and in order for them to be happy, they need attention and affection. Some learn a few words, but what they lack in vocabulary, they make up for with their sweet and loving personalities.

They must have this attention and affection in the appropriate amounts for them to be a good pet.

However, many new owners of cockatoos often spend too much time and undivided attention when they first buy them.

Cockatoos think this is wonderful and they become the "love sponges", as they are often referred to. They want to be cuddled and handled all the time and do not develop any independence.

They are very intelligent and can easily learn to be by themselves and play with their toys for hours on end. Most people have a life and cannot be there every minute of the day for their 'Too. They can still be a wonderful pet for decades.

These bright birds will realize that their owner is there for them, because with their amazing abilty to understand, they will know they are secure and safe. You have provided them with toys and food that will keep them busy until you return and then they will reward you with all the attention that they are so good at giving.

There are many different kinds of cockatoos and there might be a 'Too that is just right for you. Some common species of cockatoos available as pets include the umbrella, sulphur-crested, Goffins, bare-eyed and Moluccan cockatoos. The personality of each differs to some degree, but ultimately all cockatoos share more similarities than differences. They are delightful, loving birds that cherish their owner's attention and their intelligence will always challenge you. However, anyone considering a cockatoo must take into account that they are noisy. Quiet is not in a cockatoo's vocabulary. They also love to chew and can be quite destructive. They should always be provided with toys to help satisfy their desire to chew.

Cockatoos are sensitive, emotional, intelligent birds that can make wonderful pets if their owner is informed. They will live for 50 or more years, so it is a life long commitment and this should be taken into account. They will make a rewarding pet if you meet their requirements which include mainly love, interaction, out of the cage time with their family, toys to keep them busy, and patience when they scream joyfully.

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