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Hi Jill, I have a question.. We have a 3 month old Budgie, and we believe he is a boy as his face is turning blue right above the beak. When we first got him he would come on our finger and stay by us... About 2 weeks ago, he now bites us when we try any interaction with us. Even feeding him lettuce, he will attack the lettuce.

We spend a great deal of time talking to him and trying to interact with him but now he wants nothing to do with us. We have a canary in the same room with him, they never have interaction but we do put their cages right next to each other. Is this bad? Should we separate them? We just want Petey to be a nice bird who we can take out without being attacked. Please give any suggestions as we are ready to try anything! Oh and he doesn't like to play with the toys we have provided. Thanks, Melissa

Melissa: Thank you for your question regarding your budgie, Petey. I believe Petey is going through a phase right now where he feels comfortable in his surroundings, since you have had him a few months and he is probably becoming attached to his cage. When at first you brought him home, he felt more comfortable with his human companions and went to you easily, but most birds, after a while start to feel their home is their castle and they are fine with staying in it and they let you know by biting you when you attempt to take them out. Do not give up yet.

First of all, the canary should probably not be right next to him, as he will bond with another bird, even if it is another species, and you want him to bond with you. That is why even mirrors in the cage are not recommended when you begin training. Second, if you pull away when he tries to bite, he will think he has won, and he probably has for the moment, so he will continue to try to bite. Budgies and all birds are very intelligent and they will continually test you to see who is the boss. Be persistent and patient. When he goes to bite you, try not to pull away, but tell him to step up and offer your finger. If he refuses or his bites are severe, you can offer him a stick to step up on. Have a favorite treat to reward him with when he does this. Try working with him at least 10 to 15 minutes a day and be consistent. Once you have him stepping up, take him to a different location than his cage to work with him, such a play stand.

I know from budgies I have had that they are always tamer and learn to speak better if they are kept as single birds. He's still young and at an age when he can be tamed, so Petey can certainly still be a nice bird. You mentioned that he does not play with his toys. Most of my budgies like toys they can chew, in addition to the hard plastic ones. They also enjoy millet spray and you should provide a cuttlebone for calcium.

I hope this gives you some basic information regarding training Petey. There are many Budgie books written that go into more detail, that you might find helpful. Some of the budgie blogs on my website have some interesting facts on these wonderful birds. Good luck and please keep me posted on how Petey's training is going!


Is there any such thing as a purple, red, or orange parakeet? I thought there was but I can't find any of them anywhere and I'm looking into buying a budgie. I was hoping to find a purple one. But so far, nothing. I've been to other websites and nobody has pictures of purple birds. Thanks, Sara.

Sara: In answer to your question, I am assuming you are asking about budgies. There are no red or orange budgies, but there are purple budgies. They are called violet budgies and are more often seen in the larger English budgie, than in the smaller American budgie. Your local pet store might not have any violets, as they are not as common as some other colors. You might try various websites that breed budgies and they might be able to recommend a location near you that has them, or perhaps you can purchase one online and have it shipped to you.

I have two pet stores near me that sell English budgies and was fortunate enough to purchase a violet budgie. He is beautiful and also one of my friendliest budgies. His name is Jimmy. Goodluck in your search to find a violet budgie. Thank you for writing me on the budgie blog.


HI I bought 2 budgies, a male and a female. I've been trying to find out different ways to raise the babies. They are not old enough yet but I want to start researching now so when the time comes I'll be prepared. I want to know the pros and cons of hand raising and parent raising the baby birds, I haven't found anything on the net, could someone help me find this info? or give me advice? Thanks so much. -Karley

Karley: Hello. After reading your question, I decided to expand the information I had on my parakeet page. Please check it out and hopefully it answers many of your questions. Good luck with your budgies and let me know if you have any other questions that were not answered. Thank you for writing us on the budgie blog.


Help! Help! Help!

I have this beautiful male budgie that I have tried with two proven hens and all the eggs the hens have with this male are infertile!!

He is a BIG male, almost like an English Budgie male. Could he still be too young or what?

He tries very hard to bred the hens but it does not appear to me that he stays on the hen as long as the other males do. HELP! Doug.

Hello Doug: Sorry to hear about your dilemma. If you visit my canaries page, you will see that I had the same problem with them. Since you know that both your female budgies have produced fertile eggs, the problem may be with the male. I do not know how young your male budgie is, but they suggest waiting until they are a year old before you breed them. Please visit my parakeet website for more detailed information. I hope you have success in the future with your beautiful budgie. Thank you for sending your question to the budgie blog.


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