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I hope you can help with this. We have 2 keets for about a year now, male and female. recently we got another female(?) who looks really young. Her wings are still clipped but is just as active as the others outside the cage - we let them use the screened in porch to fly around as they please. We pick her up and place her on the places where the other two hang out and help her in other ways when it comes to reaching places she can't fly to. The big problem seems to be that the other 2 keets are pecking her, i didn't know how serious it was till I seen blood on her flanks and then seen a really deep gouge on one side.

Before she came I had observed how the female would peck the male once in a while. Now it seems both are being aggrrecive towards the new keet. Right now we took her and placed her in another cage. Whatshould we do about the wound? Can we use an antibiotic salve on it, or just let it heal naturally? Can anything be done about the stopping the pecking from the other two.

I would appreciate if you could give me some advice.


Hi Phil, Thank you for your question. I have had many budgies over the years and I can tell you that female budgies are very aggressive. Do not let their small size fool you. You should never put a female in a cage with an established pair. The female often will attack the other, as you have found and my friend who breeds budgies and I consulted with, said that the younger female is probably being viewed as a threat.

Birds mate for life and once they have one, not only has the female chosen him, she will defend him. In birds the female is always in control. She will defend her territory and her mate unless you have them in a big aviary, and even then my friend has seen two females fight to the death. I would advise you to separate them if they are already fighting. I love birds, but they are like their ancestors, the dinosaurs, and are quite the fighters that they were a long time ago. We cannot take their sweet cuteness and song for granted, but we can love them for it. I think you will need to keep her in another cage. Two males can get along wonderfully, so that may be another option.

You could buy another male and put them all in the cage, because then your female will not think the other budgie is trying to steal her mate. Then again Phil, your new female budgie may not like the male. It is complicated when putting budgies together. Be happy that you have two that are happy with each other.

I hope your new budgie is okay. I cannot give medical advice, as I am not a veterinarian, and I always recommend injuries be looked at by a competent avian veterinarian. I have used an antibiotic salve on some of my bird's, but only on their advice. I hope all is well and that I answered your question.

Good luck with everything,

Hi! I have 2 boy budgies. I constantly see them fighting or playing. why do they do that? I also try to feed them green vegetables but they always fly away from the vegetable. What do I do? I also try to give them a bath, but they run from that too.What do I do? Mona.

Hi Mona, Two male budgies will usually always get along, but it is like two boys that are brothers and they have their spats and differences and they make up. If you give your budgies a high quality seed and they do not eat all their vegetables, that is probably enough. Mine like a mix of seed primarily, with a mix of pellets. They also love millet spray. Mine like some cooked corn, small pieces of broccoli and they also enjoy some wild rice. Some of my birds like vegetables more than others, similar to my son who prefers only broccoli and carrots. You have to experiment and see what they like.

My oldest budgie lived almost 15 years old and that was in 1981. With the advance in avian nutrition, I imagine mine will live longer than that now. Always provide a cuttle bone and fresh water and I have found mine prefer to bathe in their water dish which I change regularly. They may be bathing when you are not watching, as most birds prefer to.

Thank you for the questions and I wish you many happy years with your two boys.

Take care,

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