Amazon parrots

Beautiful, Intelligent, Personable.

Amazon parrots are the parrots that most people think of, when they hear the word parrot. The green parrot perched on a pirate's shoulder is an image many of us have, and more often than not, it was an Amazon. They were once the bird of choice for pirates and kings, but now this parrot is widely available and found in many homes.

Double Yellowhead Amazon

They will never leave you with a dull moment. Amazon parrots live to the fullest and they let you know it! They are show offs and do not hide their feelings. Quiet is not an option with Amazons, so if you long for silence, an Amazon is not the best choice.

They announce the dawn with their calls as well as the setting sun. If they know you are in the house they will call to you.

It is all well worth it, if you have understanding neighbors, and a love of these beautiful, intelligent, personable parrots.

Yellow Nape Amazon

If you have decided an Amazon parrot is right for you, there are many species to choose from. There are about 27 different species of Amazon parrots, as I write, but only a handful are kept as pets. Among the most common in captivity are the yellow-naped Amazon, the double yellow-headed Amazon, the blue-fronted Amazon, the Mexican red-fronted Amazon, mealy Amazons, red-lored Amazons, lilac-crowned Amazons, white-fronted Amazons and orange-winged Amazons. If your parrot was not listed, I believe you have an Amazon that is as wonderful as any other and you may have a bird that is threatened in it's natural habitat and endangered in many cases. In any case, I hope you will have a pet and companion for life.

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