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Hello. Welcome to aStepUpBird.com My name is Elizabeth, and I have always had a deep respect, admiration, and love for our feathered friends. I am a certified Veterinary Technologist, yet on this site I am not authorized to give medical advice on very sick birds. I can assist you in finding a Avian Veterinarian that is closest to you.

I'm Elizabeth As far back as I can remember, I adored birds. When I was 3 years old I was visiting my aunt and uncle, where I would sit and watch the wild birds for hours. I realized I must have one, and decided I would catch a wild bird. I found a rusty old bird cage, propped it up with a stick, and set some bread inside. A string was attached to the stick, while I laid in wait under some bushes, holding the other end of the string. My heart was pounding, believing I would finally have my very own bird. Finally after 2 hours a crow tromped inside the cage after the bread. I yanked quickly on the string, the crow freaked out, knocked over the cage, and flew away. Needless to say I didn't get my bird at the age of 3!

I was constantly bringing home injured birds, cats, and dogs to nurse back to health. My young mind was like a sponge to know all I could about animals, especially birds. I attended university obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree. I've worked as a therapist, teacher of special needs children. Later in life, I've invested in real estate buying houses and land. At low prices I would turn them over for a nice profit after I renovated the houses and selling the land. I learned this skill I believe from watching my father when I was six or so, towing in 1920's-1950's automobiles, the cars were practically held together by rust alone. I would sit for hours and watch him do extensive body work and turn something ugly into something beautiful. So my interest in renovating, restoring antique furniture, and re-upholstering, which was once a hobby, all became jobs throughout my lifetime. I also attended plumbing school (to help reduce the costs of hiring a professional plumber) in my late 40's.

I am very pleased that Jill's father, Norm, was impressed with my writing ability. I am honoured to be selected by Norm to keep Jill's pages active. This is ideal for me since I operate an aviary. Having owned and learned about many species of birds, I instantly accepted Norm's offer to take over his daughter, Jill's, pages. Jill and her son passed away, and you can read about them on this site. I will to the best of my ability answer all questions asked. Some questions have more of an urgency than others, especially newborns that need immediate care. This will be done, just as one would do in triage. Please feel free to ask any questions, regardless of whether you think it's silly or serious. We also have a spot on the site, you can upload pics of your bird, plus add some information about how special your companion is to you!

And do share your experiences by visiting the questions submitted by others and adding your comments to those pages.

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