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Parrots provide countless rewards, not only companionship, but also the enjoyment of observing a_parrot being a_parrot.

This site was begun by Jill A. Cooke in 2004. After the death of her 17 year-old son in an auto accident in 2008, Jill fell into deep depression and took her own life on July 15, 2010. We are continuing this site in her memory. You can see Jill's memorial on the "About Jill" page.

Caique - Bobby

Most of the pages she wrote will remain unchanged. They contain a vast amount of useful information, and here's something of interest... a page where you can share your bird stories with us. We'll even post up to 4 pictures that you send. So do tell us about the fun and frustrations you have had with your pet parrot and send us some cool pictures to show them off.

Our budgie with his toys

It's important to note that information on these pages is presented as we see it, from our experience. We are not acting as avian veterinarians nor avian behaviorists. We cannot be responsible for results you might experience. You should consult a licensed veterinarian for professional advice.

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