How do we care for our hatched cockatiel eggs?


Our cockatiels (ages 5 and 6)laid eggs for their first time. They have a clutch of 5. We have no idea what or how to care for them. I know it takes 18-25 days for them to hatch. Will the cockatiels feed their babies or are we responsible for feeding them? If so, how do we do so?
thank you so much in advance, Oralia

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Apr 18, 2011
Answer to how to care for pet cockatiel eggs
by: David

Since these eggs were already laid it is probably too late to do anything for this clutch. However you may want to be ready for the next time with either of the two options below.

If you are going to care for the eggs you will need an incubator and heat lamp to do it. Then you will have to turn the eggs every half hour. After babies are born, you will have to feed them a special formula (you would have to ask for it at your pet store-preferably one with a specialization in birds).

The other way is to get a nest box, attach it to the cage and let your female bird care for the eggs and feed the babies (if the eggs are fertile) once they are born.

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