Cockatiel keeps laying eggs

by Meggie
(Chicago, IL)

My pretty Cockatiel and eggs

My pretty Cockatiel and eggs

Hi there! My female lutino cockatiel keeps laying eggs. She had about 2 clutches already, and they all had 4 eggs. This time, one of the eggs was dented, so I took it out, and then she layed another 1. I thought she was just replacing the eggs, but then this morning I saw that there were 5! Why does she keep laying eggs even though I kept the eggs in her cage?

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Feb 15, 2011
Reply to: Need more information about the environment.
by: Meggie

Well, she has stopped laying eggs for about 2 months now, i put the story on here just in case it happens again. but while she was laying, i looked up some info, and we covered her cage a bit earlier than the male. the two of them are in separate cages (he would peck her and chase her), and we put them together sometimes. i would give her lots of seed and millet, put her cuttle bone next to her, and give her veggies like lettuce and spinach. i also put her water closer to her, but far enough away so that she would have to get up to get to it. i was worried about egg binding as well, so i looked up ways to help her get through it if it had happened. she's ok now, but not as 'thick' as she was before.

i hope that helped!

Feb 13, 2011
Need more information about the environment.
by: Anonymous

If your bird is laying that many eggs, you need to contact a veterinarian because she could get egg bound. I would really need to hear more facts about the bird's environment. Is there a male in the cage with her? Are you giving the bird full-spectrum lighting more than a few hours per day? Giving too much spectrum lighting can promote mating behavior.

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